The Procedure of Joining the order in Belarus in the Second Half of XIX and at the Beginning of XX Century: Legislation and Practice



monastic orders, Russian empire, monastery, XIX century


The article highlights the evolution of the legislation of the Russian Empire regarding the rules for joining the monastic order. It also shows how the approach to understanding the organization of monastic life in the Russian Empire has evolved: from the order as the main form to the monastery. On the examples of some people who wanted to join a monastic order, the discrep- ancy between the state legislation that allowed entry, and the practice that forbade them is shown

Author Biography

Raisa Zianiuk, Belarus Institute of History NAN, Minsk

RAISA ZIANIUK, PhD, obtained her bachelor’s degree in history and re- ligious studies from the M. Tanka Belarusian State Pedagogical University. In 2007, she obtained her Master’s in History degree, specializing in the history of Belarus, from the same university. In 2010, she completed her doctoral studies at the Belarus Institute of History NAN. From 2009-2010, as part of the Republic of Poland Government’s Scholarship Program for young scholars, she participated in a research internship at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (JPII KUL) under the direction of Rev. Prof. Stanisław Wilko, PhD, Hab, the rector of the JPII KUL. In 2015, she successfully defended her dissertation entitled Roman Catholic Institutions of Education in Belarus (1772-1914): Structure and Activity and obtained her Doctorate in History degree. She is currently preparing her habilita- tion dissertation on the history of Roman Catholic religious orders and their participation in the socio-political life of Belarus from 1772-1914. She has authored over 70 scholarly publications, including monographs. She lives in Minsk.

ORCID 0000-0002-4743-3538



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Zianiuk R. “The Evolution of the Role of Roman Catholic Monasteries in

Belarus from the Nineteenth Century to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century”. in: Rocznik Teologii Katolickiej 2021, vol. XX: 103-122.




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