About the Journal

The Annual of the Catholic Theology (In Polish: Rocznik Teologii Katolickiej) is an academic journal disseminating the results of the research in the field of theology as well as coming out from the dialogue with other sciences on a meta-theological level. It is published annually. This journal contains articles from various areas of theology. It seeks to disseminate the latest studies and projects of both, the scholars of the field and of those, who cooperate with the Chair of the Catholic Theology. The research and scholarly work are reflected in articles that combine ethical, social, and religious issues in their inter-cultural conditions. The journal serves the purpose of sharing the results of cooperation with scholarly communities in Poland and abroad. The texts are published only in English. The journal is available both in print and in digital form.
The ISSN for the printed version is 1644-8855.
Digital journal: www.rtk.uwb.edu.pl

online ISSN: 2956-4689

ISSN: 1644-8855