Review procedures


Review process in The Annual of Catholic Theology

  1. Reviewing articles for the Annual of Catholic Theology agrees with recommendations
    described in the brochure by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education titled ‘Good
    practices in scientific review procedures’, Warsaw 2011.
  2. Authors agree to review for the Annual of Catholic Theology by submitting their manuscripts for publication.
  3. Scientific review form is avialable at the Annual of Catholic Theology website.
  4. Submitted articles are evaluated first by editors.
  5. Manuscripts are subjected to the review of two reliable reviewers who are not members of
    the editorial board and hold a relevant doctoral degree.
  6. Submitted manuscripts will not be sent to reviewers affiliated to the same institution as the authors of the submitted paper as well as to persons having a conflict of interest with the authors.
  7. The reviewers shall evaluate the manuscripts as confidential and anonymous according to
    the model which assumes that the author (s) and reviewers do not know their identities
    (double-blind review process).
  8. Each volume of the Annual of Catholic Theology is subjected to the review of two
    independent reviewers from the outside of the editorial board who verify the submitted
    articles and reviews.
  9. All manuscripts receive individual editorial numbers which will identify the manuscript at all stages of the publishing process.
  10. Referees are not allowed to utilize their knowledge of the manuscripts subjected to review
    before their publication.
  11. The review will be sent either in the form of an electronic document to the following email
    address: or in the form of a paper document bearing a handwritten
    It is saved by editorial team for a period of 5 years.
  12. Final decision upon printing based on referees’ remarks and revised version of the
    manuscript submitted by the author is with editor-in-chief.
  13. Once a year, editorial team would publish on the website an updated full list of reviewers
    with whom they cooperate.
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